Selecting a contractor

Renovations demand a skill set that is not required in new construction.  Renovators must be effective at assessing the needs of their clients whom are most often living on the job site.  Minimizing the disruption of the daily routine, the dust and mess, and the intrusion of workers in the home are considerations unique to remodeling.

Renovators also must be familiar with the materials and practices of today’s techniques and technologies as well as those of the past. It is never easy to meld the old and the new in a seamless and appropriate manner; this perhaps is the most difficult and important thing to get right in renovations.

Finances and Money

The financial aspects of renovating can be the biggest obstacle to many homeowners. All homeowners have a long wish list of improvements that they would do if money were no object, but everyone has a budget. The uncertainty of how much a renovation will cost is also a major concern.  Our approach that sets us apart is a very detailed and accurate estimate for your project.  Our estimates help our clients become more organized and confident about their investment. We do not charge for our estimating services and enjoy helping people turn their concepts into an estimate that they can understand.

It is important to remember that most of the money you invest in a renovation can be recouped if the work is done to a high standard.  If the work is not of high quality or does not have broad appeal, it is likely that the value of the home also will suffer. Another way that a remodel can benefit your bottom line is through savings realized on energy bills.

It is easy to appraise a home and come up with a valuation. It is impossible to quantify the way we feel about our homes.  Is it comfortable, well lit, and attractive? Are you proud of where you live? Does your dwelling nurture your family and relationships with your friends? Do others enjoy spending time with you in your home? These are all questions whose answers should not be thought about in terms of money and cost.